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Emergency Art Box

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Emergency Art Boxes 

Art helps us work through grief, loss and trauma. Art can help us process and express our thoughts, feelings and experiences, create meaning and to build connections. Emergency Arts boxes will be distributed to people devastated by the killing of George Floyd and impacted by the public health issue of racism in Minneapolis. 

Want to Participate?  Here's What You Can Do...


1. Make a Box

Find a Box or Shoebox  

    • Cardboard or plastic average sized shoebox 

    Pack Box with Art Supplies

      • Pack new, packaged and unopened art supplies 
      • Pack your box(es) with intention and care.  The experience of opening the box should communicate respect, creativity and solidarity. 
      • Art supplies can include any or all of the following:
        • Colored pencils
        • Manual pencil sharpener
        • Pencils
        • Crayons
        • Markers
        • Gluestick
        • Blank construction paper 
        • Blank notebook
        • Blank sketch pad 
        • Tape
        • Paints and brushes
        • Watercolor set
        • Air dry clay

      Create Art or a Message and Place Inside Box

      Draw, write, or create something with a message of hope, solidarity, and justice: 

          • Justice for George Floyd
          • We stand with you 
          • We will not be silent 

        Drop Off Your Box at Homespun

        We will be collecting Emergency Art Boxes anytime Homespun is open.

        Homespun is at 2709 East 38th Street, Minneapolis
        • Tuesday 11am - 4pm
        • Wednesday 11am - 4pm
        • Thursday 11am - 7pm
        • Friday 11am - 7pm
        • Saturday 11am - 7pm
        • Sunday 11am - 4pm
        2. Make a Donation
        Choose your donation amount on this product page. Homespun staff will use 100% of your donation to make Emergency Art Boxes and donate these on your behalf.
        • Your box will be transported from Homespun to Chicago Avenue and 38th Street for distribution to community members in need. Some boxes may also be brought to New Creation Baptist Church food shelf at 1414 E 48th St for distribution.
        • Please practice all safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 including social distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks.  We take precaution for the health of all of our community members and are looking out for our most vulnerable community members when we take these simple precautions. 

        Emergency Art Boxes are a project of Emergency Arts in partnership with Homespun.  Emergency Arts provides consulting and creative resources to communities in emergencies.

        For more information please visit https://emergencyarts.net/ and www.homespunmn.com/ or email hello@homespunmn.com


        THANK YOU