Clard - You're A Dear
Soak it Up

Clard - You're A Dear

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The most sustainable greeting on the planet. Our eco-friendly Soak iT Up CLARDS—Greetings that Clean Up—literally. Unique greetings double as reusable cleaning cloths.

1 CLARD = 3,000 paper towels.

Wrap-around label does double duty to share sentiment on the front and use information on back:

Yes, ADD WATER! This clever eco-greeting doubles as a cleaning cloth. Wet to remove the label, rinse, and clean up. Use for months, launder in dishwasher, microwave to sterilize. Compost when worn. Learn more at

Folded Clards are approx 4 ¾ x 5 ½. Blank inside.

Write on with a gel, fabric, or permanent marker so your personal message can be enjoyed daily for months. Or use any pen and your message will last only until the recipient wets it. 

Includes custom non-velopes and seals for mailing. Eco-friendly “non-velope” design uses minimal materials and processes compared to traditional envelopes.
Inside non-velope instructions:

You got a CLARD!

This unique greeting doubles as an eco-friendly
reusable cleaning cloth. Read it, rinse it, and enjoy it for months. Clean up spills, wash dishes, scrub the tub. Compost when worn.

Patented and patent-pending.

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