MFAF 2021 Food Vendor Application Fee
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MFAF 2021 Food Vendor Application Fee

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Minnehaha Falls Park, one of Minneapolis' oldest and most popular parks, features a majestic 53-foot waterfall, limestone bluffs, and river overlooks, attracting more than 850,000 visitors annually.

Minnehaha Falls Art Fair 2021 will take place from Friday, July 16-Sunday, July 18. Hours will be 3-8pm Friday, 10am-7pm Saturday, and 10am-5pm Sunday. The event will feature between 100-150 artist booths, along with music, crafts, food, and more. Overnight security will be provided Friday and Saturday nights.

Applications for all food trucks or food vendors are due Thursday, April 15th. Announcements and contract information will be sent out on or before May 14th.

Apply here:

PLEASE NOTE: A food truck is considered any vehicle (or trailer) that stands alone and food is served directly out of it. Food trucks will be situated on paved areas. Food vendors, on the other hand, are any vendors selling food or beverages out of a tent. Food vendors will be situated on grassy areas near pavement.

Acceptance to the Minnehaha Falls Art Fair includes, but is not limited to, the following criteria:
• Proposed menu (quality, pricing, uniqueness) including identifying foods which are GF, Vegan, or Vegetarian
• Past Uptown Art Fair experience
• Other outdoor event experience
• Past environmental health experience
• Level of professionalism
• Agreement to conform to established fees
• Variety of food selection

FOOD TRUCK AND FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION FEE: $30 (must be paid at the time of application)

All food trucks will be assessed a $500 fee upon acceptance. This accounts for reservation of space, as well as trash and recycling service fees. In addition, after the event, 10% of all sales will be collected from food truck vendors as a requirement of the event contract with the Minneapolis Park System.

Non-food truck vendors will be assessed a fee based on the square footage of their booth. Fees are as follows:
100 square feet and under: $400
101 square feet - 200 square feet: $600
201 square feet - 300 square feet: $800
301 square feet - 400 square feet: $1000
Booths above 400 square feet will not be permitted
Dimensions must account for size of fully assembled structure including, but not limited to: tents, awnings, storage, etc.

**PLEASE NOTE: If the event is canceled due to COVID-19, 100% of booth fees will be refunded. Application fees are non-refundable.

Electricity, water, and ice will NOT be provided to any food vendors during the course of the event.